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Visit Our Family Farm In Montrose, PA To Buy High-quality, Grass Fed Beef And More!

Grass Fed Beef


Our black angus animals are raised totally on our farm from calf to harvest. Cows are fed on grass pasture and supplemented with our own hay.

Calves are born out on pastures, with their mother cow taking care of them until they are approximately 500-600 lbs. At this time the animals are fed hay and corn silage (with added vitamins & minerals) from our farm, until they are ready to butcher. At no time are the animals given hormones or antibiotics.

We strive to consistently bring a well marbled, high choice, all natural beef to your plate. Visit us today to buy grass fed beef at our Montrose, PA family farm.


Buying beef can be economical

No Antibiotics, No Implanting/growth Hormones, Non Gmo Corn Silage Cattle, Born And Raised On Our Farm

Sold by the ¼, ½, and whole. Sold by the hanging weight with butchering fee included in price!!!!

Buying beef can be an economical way to fill your freezer but the process can be confusing for the first time customer. Here is some information on how it works and what to expect.

Hanging weight is the weight of the beef as it hangs in the butcher’s cooler once the head, hide, feet, organs and blood are removed. Since most every butcher shop bases the processing fees on hanging weight, it is the most widely used weight by farms selling direct to consumers.

It is beneficial to know the final cut and wrap weight or take home weight will be less than the hanging weight. When the carcass is broken down into recognizable cuts, there is some loss when cuts are deboned and fat is trimmed away. Your take home weight will also depend on the type of cuts you select (especially the amount of boneless cuts). The take home weight can vary greatly, but a good average for the hanging weight is 72%.


Most of our animals hang in the 700 – 750 range. We will use the middle of the road 725 hanging weight with a $3.50/lb price (price will vary with market prices).

**Note our price includes the butchering processing fee, packaging, hauling and brought back to the farm for pick-up. A lot of places the butchering costs are not included in the price/lb!!!

*Your take home weight would be approximately 72% of these hanging weights.